Utility to create autotools scaffolding for C++ projects
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Octoplus is a commandline utility to create autotools scaffolding for C++ projects.

get the software

git clone https://github.com/madunixman/octoplus 

install with Make

cd octoplus
sudo make install

Install from DEB package

create DEB package

Octoplus comes with a script that helps generating a .deb package. It can be used as follows:

cd octoplus

install DEB package

If you choose to generate the debian package (and you run a debian/ubuntu distribution) installing is as easy as:

sudo dpkg -i ../target/octoplus-1.0.0.deb

Use the software

To generate a new C++ project with octoplus just issue the command:

$ octoplus project genial_idea

You can see what the generated project contains:

$ cd genial_idea/
$ ls
bootstrap.sh  configure.ac  doc  etc  Makefile.am  src
$ find

You might compile the generated project by issuing the commands:

./configure && make 

And of course, you will be able to install your own project it with:

sudo make install

Provided that you are using the standard autotools, you should be able to do everything that is possible to do with autoconf and automake. For example, it is possible to install into custom directory trees, such as:

./configure --prefix=/opt/cloud && make 
sudo make install

You can see the resulting configuration:

$ find /opt/cloud/