Develop in Scala with Emacs

Scala command completion in Emacs
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Ensime: a tool for developing Scala in Emacs

ENSIME, as the homepages states: “brings Scala and Java IDE-like features to your favourite text editor” Install emacs > 25.x

Add to file $HOME/.emacs :

	ensime-sbt-command "/usr/bin/sbt"
  	sbt:program-name "/usr/bin/sbt")

Run Emacs:

	M-x package-refresh-contents
	M-x package-Install [RET] ensime [RET]

Once you are in your scala project, add the following:

	addSbtPlugin("org.ensime" % "sbt-ensime" % "2.0.2")

in either one of the files:


then cd on the directory of your project (here ${PROJECT_HOME}) and issue the command:

	sbt ensimeConfig

you are now ready to open your project in Emacs. Within Emacs, issue the command m-x ensime wait until the server will start, and then you are good to go. You’ll be able to see the code completion working.

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