This is an open web site about technology. This is not a blog, in spite of this word being pretty popular today, nobody really understands what that means, and its consequences.

This is an open publication of interesting topics; if you like contents you are welcome to comment in private, if you want to publish your own content, we can talk about that, but you are encouraged to start your own website as well, and criticize what you don't like. That's not a difficult task nowadays, and it is going to teach you more than publishing your rants on some random social network.

I'm not bothering here with copyright mess, since I publish something, it is intended to be shared, I don't understand other complex philosophies. Of course, I will appreciate if you are fair enough and cite the source, just in case you take something, but of course I will not waste my time running after you, our time is too precious to be spent like that.

If I ever happen to share on this site something that belongs to you (e.g.: a background, an idea,whatever) just drop me line, and I will give you credits.